Judy Cao
高级销售顾问, 新西兰MARS地产团队
Licensed Agent REAA 2008
Unit 3, 227A Dairy Flat Highway, Albany

Judy Cao, the Senior Consultant of MARS Realty Group, has a great passion for property and a love for working with people, it’s no wonder Judy has become a well-known face in the local real estate. The combination of her skills set, people skills and her genuine desire to help people with their buying and selling needs makes her the choice of many astute property owners.
Amongst Judy’s diverse and enviable skill set is strong negotiating skills, a never give up attitude and fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Judy is well known for selling developments and luxury homes and has a passion to see the best outcome for her client’s ambitions. Judy is an experienced property investor who is able to speak knowledgeably on investment concepts for those people who are looking for the right property returns on your investment.
The family is at the heart of who Judy is and she’s an extremely proud mother of two beautiful kids. During downtime, Judy can be found spending time with the people she loves or being involved with her local church. Judy loves guiding people with the right information and the best service to help them achieve their property goals – whether that’s selling a property or buying a new one. You can be assured that Judy works with passion and knowledge to get the outcomes you desire.


在寻找Gulf Harbour的精致好房吗?自住或者出租,不失为绝佳选择。价格优势出众。

285 Pinecrest Drive,Gulf Harbour

3 3 269㎡


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32 Penguin Drive,Murrays Bay,Auckland

5 4 600㎡

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